Monday, January 23, 2012

Armageddon Label: Current Releases January 2012


MORNE - "Asylum" 2LP
Armageddon 014

Finally available on vinyl domestically, a double LP release housed in a gatefold heavyweight Stoughton old school tip-on sleeve. Boston’s Morne was formed in 2005 by Polish ex-pat Milosz Gassan, formerly of Filth of Mankind and a legend of sorts in Poland’s underground crust punk movement. After releasing a demo and split release with Warprayer, the group unleashed their 2009 debut full-length Untold Wait to widespread critical acclaim. Among those singing the album’s praises were Fenriz and Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone, who even incorporated Morne’s logo on the cover of their 2010 album Circle the Wagons. Their reputation is also bolstered by the presence of guitarist Jeff Hayward (formerly of Grief, Disrupt and more). Morne’s brand of apocalyptic post-sludge / crust incorporates influences from genre pioneers Neurosis and Isis as well as traditional heavy metal, doom metal, prog and even the classic post-punk / new wave of Joy Division or early Cure. This epic sound, cinematic in scope and unrelentingly heavy, is on full display on their newest release, Asylum. The
album is a grandiose journey through monolithic intensity and earth-crumbling ambient moments that climaxes with the gut-wrenching “Volition,” featuring Jarboe (Swans) and Kris Force (Amber Asylum). Alternately haunting and crushing, Asylum is destined to because a triumph in the realm of post-metal. “With the release of their brilliant sophomore full-length Asylum, the band’s even more deserving of [Darkthrone’s] namedrop: This seven-song, hour-plus collection features their most beautifully heavy, deeply atmospheric, patiently devastating recordings to date…. Asylum is a magisterial record, one that establishes something masterful with the 17-minute opening title track and doesn’t diminish.”

DROPDEAD / CONVERGE - "20th Anniversary split" 7" EP
Armageddon 013

A pairing of two legendary bands celebrating their joint twenty year history within the Punk/Hardcore genre. Both songs were recorded at Kurt Ballou’s God City Studios in early 2011, and mastered by John Golden (Neurosis, Melvins, etc). “Runaway” from Converge is an instant classic for the band, unrelenting in its speed and emotional ferocity from beginning to end. While Dropdead’s “Paths of Glory” is an unforgettable political punk/hardcore anthem, that proves that the years behind the band have only strengthened their hold on the battlefront of the true underground. Comes with download.

Armageddon 012

Finally available again, the domestic CD version of thee classic and essential Brainbombs release. Out of print for several years & unleashed again. Obey hits hard with 8 tracks of serial killer inspired dirge/noise/rock put through a No Wave filter. The audio equivalent of watching 'Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer'... or having dinner with Albert Fish while Whitehouse records spin in the background....

Armageddon 011

This split is the audio debut of ATHLETIC AUTOMATON and MADE IN MEXICO. This new pressing sports a fashionable cover designed by none other than Mat Brinkman, illustrator extraordinaire of your favorite ARAB ON RADAR albums. The songs? ATHLETIC AUTOMATON delivers "Death On An Escalator" (with guest vocals by J Ryan of Six Finger Satellite) & "Sweatpants No Underwear", while MADE IN MEXICO contribute the debut recordings of "Infrared Eye", "Wounded Knees" & "International Zombie".Athletic Automaton features Stephen Mattos (ex arab on radar) and provide two tracks of droning, distortion-sopped lapsteel guitar set to a repetitive battery of seasick lurching rhythms. Made in Mexico features Jeff Schneider (the other ex guitarist of arab on radar). Made in mexico provides the listener with scratchy riffs accompanied by Rebecca Mitchell's dispatch-from-the-edge shrieks. Meanwhile the percussion and bass remain loose and limber enough to tackle the arrangements dynamics with no wave jazz-like focus. LP in silkscreened cover, cd in jewelcase.

SEEIN' RED / HAMMER - split 7" EP
Armageddon 009

Seein Red, hailing from Holland and sporting ex-members of Larm, offer three previously unreleased tracks of pissed off, angry political hc. Great recording by these Dutch veterans. Japan's Hammer lend two songs of their brilliant blazing Japanese hardcore sound, a sound that was originally perfected by bands like Gauze, Death Side and Lipcream. The two Hammer tracks are their best-to-date.

Armageddon 008

Dropdead lay down six tracks in record time. Five fast and short, and one mid paced to cool down. Look Back And Laugh have three raging hardcore songs with brutal vocals. Look Back And Laugh members have spent time in Destroy, Dead And Gone, Talk Is Poison, Yaphet Kotto and more. Repressed finally on BLUE VINYL.

Armageddon 007

A half hour long blast of punishing hardcore grind/sludge from this now defunct outfit. Furious thrashing hardcore combined with doomy dirges, druggy, sludgy Eyehategod groove, weirdly lounge-y interludes and lots of beautifully fucked up riffage. Features current and former members of: Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Teeth Of The Lions Rule The Divine and the Dukes Of Nothing.

Armageddon 005

Two huge hardcore/punk bands combine for one split 7”. Tragedy provides two heavy hitting, buzzsaw ripping guitar tracks that will definitely keep the punks very happy. Swedes Totalitar do not slack off and crush the listener with two tracks of Swedish thrash heaviness.

DROPDEAD - “Discography 1992-1993” LP
Armageddon 003

Comprised of material recorded between February 1992 and June 1993, consisting of thirty-nine songs from their self-titled 7", split 7" & 5" with Rupture and Crossed Out, and compilation tracks. Reissued with restored & updated artwork. Originally released in 1994 as an 11” LP on Clearview, and regular LP on Flat Earth in the UK in 1995. A collection of 39 songs compiled from the first 7”, the split 8” withRupture, the split 5” with Crossed Out, and several compilation songs. The complete early studio tracks on one release.

DROPDEAD - “Self Titled 1993” LP
Armageddon 002

The terrorizing blistercore classic from '93 reissued and sounding as putrid as the day it was killed. Thirty-four songs of pulverizing political hate, social disgust and personal loathing. Originally released in 1993 on Selfless Recs, this 34 song album has been re-released with restored & updated artwork. Influenced by the old Japanese, European, and some US hardcore. An extreme mix of fast and mid-paced parts with angry vocals and personal/political lyrics.

DROPDEAD - “Self Titled 1998” LP
Armageddon 001

The second album of sonic-grind, total obliti-core from Rhode Island's deafening devastators. Eighteen angry hardcore/thrash songs. Originally released in 1998, the first 500 came with a black on black screenprinted cover. The LP version plays from the inside to the outside on side one. 18 songs in a decidedly more Swedish HC vein, but with the usual odd breaks and fast parts throughout. More melodic than the first LP in some ways, and noisier in others.

SYSTEMATIC DEATH - "Systema Seven" 7" EP
Armageddon Tour 03

Systematic Death drop 4 brand new ripping thrash tracks. These Japanese HC veterans are still alive and kicking ass, with powerhouse drumming by Koba of BASTARD fame. Intended as a special release for the three recent September 2010 East Coast USA shows with DROPDEAD and the INMATES. Unfortunately pressing plant delays of over 5 weeks kept them from being done in time. The four songs totally blaze, and were mastered by Enormous Door Studio (Jack Control of World Burns To Death). Most copies on color, some on ltd black vinyl. This is a one time pressing, there will be no repress.


DROPDEAD - “Self Titled 1998” CD
Armageddon 001

DROPDEAD - “Self Titled 1993” CD
Armageddon 002

DROPDEAD - “Discography 1992-1993” LP
Armageddon 003

PRURIENT - "The History Of Aids" CD
Armageddon 004

TOTALITAR - "Wallbreaker 1986-1989" CD
Armageddon 006

AVSKUM - "Re-Crucified By The System" CD
Armageddon 00

DROPDEAD - "Live In Wermelskirchen" LTD CDr
Armageddon 00

GORILLA ANGREB - "Long Island / Supersyn" 7" EP
Armageddon Tour 001

Armageddon Tour 002